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Having been a broker since 1995, Debby brings a unique perspective to her real estate business:  It’s completely client centered.  She’s focused on what the client wants or needs and how to obtain those wants and needs.  She has a team of lenders, photographers, home inspectors, contractors, escrow and title professionals working with her to prepare for marketing a seller’s listing or consummate a buyer’s or seller’s transaction as painlessly as possible.  Her communication skills are A+ and she’ll touch base often in the preferred way designated by the client.  Her goal is to minimize her clients’ stress levels, even though real estate transactions are inherently stressful, by disclosing up front what the landmines are and by ensuring they’ve been eliminated.

Challenging Market

We have a challenging market these days.  There are more buyers (i.e., high demand) than we have homes to sell them (i.e., low supply).  So, when the supply vs. demand ratio is out of kilter in this way, it drives up the values of properties.  It also makes writing offers for what few properties are available stressful and frustrating.  A buyer will present to a seller what he/she/they think is their best offer (often stretching them to the maximum of their affordability) only to find there are three or four offers ahead of them that the seller is considering.  In most cases, this means the seller will, though not always, accept the highest price presented.  It feels to buyers like they’re involved in a bidding war and frankly, they are.   

It Works to Work With Me

Working with me gives the client an advantage because I’m able to insert myself into the process and impress sellers’ agents with my professionalism so they choose to work with me over other agents.  In effect, I’m not only “selling” the buyer to the property owner and his/her agent but I’m selling myself as a reliable partner who is capable of ensuring a successful closed escrow.  I also present well-reasoned offers with supporting documentation showing why my client is the best party to buy the seller’s home above all other buyers.

My Motivation

What motivates me to be an agent?  Aside from the fact that I’ve been a broker for years and this work is what I know best, I find real estate both highly demanding and very exciting.  It never fails to thrill me when we find the perfect home for a buyer or attract a high-priced offer for a seller.  Each transaction is different and presents a variety of problems so every day is a new day in real estate.  It’s never boring! 

Minimizing Clients’ Stress

No matter who you are and how sophisticated you may be, transacting real estate is a stressful experience.  I see it as my job first and foremost to minimize your stress.  With a buyer, I work hard to position the client up front and present him/her in the best light possible so the seller wants to sell to him/her.  With a seller, I present all the facts the seller needs to make effective decisions about how we should proceed in presenting and marketing the property for sale.   

Working With Sellers

My listings usually sell quickly because they’re priced to compete in the marketplace  and they look like show palaces.  (I say “usually” because markets are subject to rapid fluctuations over which I have no control.) I arm sellers with all the necessary information showing comparable sales derived from title companies and the MLS and then they can make an informed decision as to how to price the home.  We improve the property with de-cluttering, applying new paint, installing new floor coverings as well as remodeling kitchens and baths if necessary.  We do this prior to presenting the property to the first buyer.  By the time we’re finished with the improvements, the seller’s property will look like a model home after we’ve staged it.

Overpriced Listings

If there’s too wide a delta between what I recommend and how the seller wants to price the property, I’ll walk away from the listing because invariably the seller will sell for a lot less than I’ve recommended and this will be after the property sits on the market for months. It’s not in the seller’s best interest to overprice his/her property.


Working With Buyers

Before showing a prospective buyer property, I have on board only the most proven lenders who help position the buyer by collecting all his/her documentation up front and submitting the loan for underwriter’s approval.    Once the buyer’s loan is approved, all that’s left for us is to find the right property.  My lenders also help clients with improving their credit score if necessary.   We do all this work up front, before we’re in contract, so that when it comes time to perform, we can do it.  There’s no disappointment or falling out of escrow.  The only good escrow is a closed escrow!


I have a baccalaureate (B.A.) degree from San Jose State University.  I’ve found that my education taught me how to use critical thinking in every decision that I make, which in turn helps me help my clients.


I pride myself on my resourcefulness.  I find so many people in the world who can help my clients:  contractors, pest control operators, roofers, designers, tile installers, painters, escrow and title companies, flooring contractors, architects, home inspectors, plumbers, all people with specialty skills who enable us to improve the property or inspect prior to buying.  I consider all these people as part of my team designed to make my clients’ real estate experience as smooth and, hopefully, pleasant as possible.  I also use my resourcefulness when finding inventory for buyers if nothing currently on the market meets their approval.  I call other agents asking if they have listings coming up or I research the MLS for expired listings.    

I’m a creative and master negotiator.  When I’m working with a motivated buyer or seller, if/when we encounter an issue in a transaction, I’m usually able to negotiate a successful solution.  (I say “usually” because rarely I’ll come across an intractable problem where the parties aren’t willing to agree to a solution.)  I have an endless amount of energy and am willing to work as hard as it takes to bring an escrow to a successful conclusion.  I think of myself of having a good sense of humor (always handy in this business) and try not to take myself too seriously.  However, I take your project very seriously and won’t give up until “mission accomplished.”  One agent said about me that I approach real estate like a dog with a bone!

How We’re Paid

All brokerage fees are negotiable.  We’re usually paid by the seller.  He/she and his/her broker agree to a set commission (say, 6% or 5% or sometimes even less of the sales price) and the seller’s agent splits the commission 50/50% with me. We brokers are the last people in the transaction to get paid after the deed is recorded by the County.